Campaign Programs and Events

Student Coalition for Educational Justice (SCEJ) is a group of people who came together for the purpose of aiding to facilitate education for those who desire to learn. We are open to anyone and it is free to attend. We are in the process of filling an educational void in a system where public education and traditional schools teach in a way that indoctrinated workers for the industrial revolution, rather than aid people in knowing how to live in a contemporary society. As an educational model, we are committed to the community and focus on maintaining classes/workshops that directly help community members. We focus our classes on social/political/ historical/economic justice, sustainability and classes responding to needs in the community. We strive to maintain a safe space for all minds, but are realistic in knowing that certain conversations may not always lend themselves to a comfortable space. Part of the pedagogy of SCEJ is that we are not here to disseminate information but to create knowledge. We firmly believe in the ability and necessity for everyone to be simultaneously teacher and student, and that engaging in dialogue generates unique ideas, and therefore creates knowledge. Our classes are taught by community members, from each according to their ability to each according to their needs. As such, we acknowledge that every person comes in with their preconceived notions, and their personal histories, so the content of the workshops are influenced by the personal experiences of the people attending them. We encourage those speaking to acknowledge their bias and their privilege so as to help the community understand the perspective of the speaker. We exist for the purpose of change. We must change the system and empower each other to change the system through knowledge. We strive to help people become critical thinkers and creative problem solvers, so that, going into the future, our society might shift paradigms, and progress to something better than what is.

1) Maintain classes/discussions/workshops that fall within the following branches:
– Social/Political/ Economic Justice
– Sustainability
– Community needs
– Science

2) Maintain an environment that is as safe and inclusive as possible.

3) Hold each other accountable for actions/words while understanding that we are all still in the process of constant learning and decolonization.

4) Maintain an environment that fosters Paolo Freire’s principles of popular education specifically dialogue that encourages critical thought, self-reflection with a focus on personal experience.

5) Hold community needs as the cornerstone of SCEJ

6) Make a constant effort to have the community involved in the process of SCEJ and the selection of classes/discussions/workshops it offers.

7) Maintain a space that is not used for advertising, indoctrination or evangelizing.

8) Maintain a horizontal power structure in anything related to SCEJ

List of Events

May 1st – Student Strikes Back: On May 1st 2014, we will be vocalizing our discontentment and express our grievances against the current ongoing “coporatization” and cutbacks on our public schools and colleges. The simply intent of privatizing schools and college is a direct economic discrimination against people of economic disparities and colors. Furthermore, it is leading to the perpetuation of social inequalities among st races and gender. Students are forced to borrow student loans from banks and private institutions in order to pursue education, which at the end of the academic venture leaves people in tough economic and financial situations. The banking institutions and the propensity to cut back budget from schools and education is a direct attack, not only on the financially- challenged individuals but on the integrity and essence of education. When education is supposed to be a self-critical analysis of oneself and the circumstance around, it is hugely being exploited to meet the demand of skill set required by the corporate world, hence turning education into a production line. We will be marching along the Southern California Immigration Coalition and Occupy Fights Foreclosures to demand banking institutions to lay their hands off from some of the most basic human needs : family, education and house. Please join us in the effort to bring about a productive, prosperous and sustainable future for the generation to come.