About Us

The Student Coalition for Educational  Justice is a alliance of different individuals and student organizations, each with their own interests, missions and visions, that come together to collaborate and take collective action together toward a common goal(s). We firmly believe that the impact of neoliberal policies is leading to the perpetuation of social inequalities and to the deterioration of intrinsic value of education. It is our vision to redress the grievances of students, implement solutions to comtemporary social issues and organize students and community members to participate in the public diagolue regarding the corporatization of education.

Sudent Coalition for Educational Justice is a group of individuals and student organization that strives to:

1.      Address the impact of neoliberal educational policies that is leading to the perpetuation of social inequality and the degradation of the intrinsic value of education.

2.      Empower student by assisting them through their academic endeavors, through the implementation of academic programs and consultation services.

3.      Organize students to participate in the public dialogue to redress grievances, discuss and implement solutions to broader contemporary issues.

Your comments and contributions are always very welcome.

For additional information, feel free to contact Campaign Coordinator Nazmul Haque Biswas at nhb913@gmail.com.